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The early war painting technique is one of the most popular art forms. From ancient times, the image of a soldier of the Vietnam People’s Army has been associated with our childhood from childhood to adulthood. In addition, soldiers appear around each of us from news, books to television.

In this article, Hocmay.vn will give you clear and beautiful images of soldiers, let’s take a look.

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About the silhouette of the soldier uncle

The image of the soldier uncle echoes in all of us. Those are the people who saved the world, saved the people, were the pioneers in the resistance war.

In most media, the image stands out. It is associated with domestic records and each heroic war of our country.

Soldiers are full of personality, careful, incorruptible, righteous and impartial. You are the son who was born and died with the world, giving us a peaceful and happy life.

How to draw a warrior’s head

Step 1: Prepare recording equipment

To draw a beautiful soldier portrait, parents should help the child prepare all the necessary tools as follows:

  • Frame drawing
  • Drawing paper
  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • Color (if you want to paint)

Step 2: Customize the record template with your layout

In this section, the child has to change the settings of the template, changing the appearance of the model (yes or no). If there are no templates available, parents can help children find pictures of soldiers on the internet or pictures on the topic of drawing soldiers.

In terms of composition, children can choose a medium layout (for example, portrait) or a 1/3 layout based on each picture or based on the subject or idea they want to draw.

How to draw a soldier to help people

The easiest way to draw a soldier

3: Enlarge the face and shape it

This is the most important part of the soldier drawing. A small tip when building pictures and drawing faces is that children should draw lightly so as not to leave marks on the drawings.

4: Draw a face

After making the mask, the child must complete the drawing of five points (eyes, nose, mouth) of the soldier. If you want to have a beautiful and vibrant image, with extra features like “swollen, eyelids, nose wings, etc., you have to have a dark and light lead to deviate your skin tone.

Step 5: Draw details, hair, shirt, background and controls

For a simple soldier portrait, continue drawing the details of other parts of the face like hair, ears, shoulders, bags, etc.

Finally, if you want to color the picture, remember to use green for the shirt, shoulders and red and yellow, black hair, etc.

Some military themes are being drawn that children should not ignore

How to draw a soldier to help people

Draw a soldier to help people reap rice

The image of soldiers helping people reap rice is not a strange topic but a good one. Each brushstroke is rustic and simple, but clearly shows the image of Uncle Ho, who is quickly helping people to harvest rice.

The yellow color of the ripe rice fields and the green color of the military uniform create an interesting “dot” pattern. Besides, the image of soldiers ready to roll up their sleeves to harvest rice to help people with rice harvest work, no matter how difficult, also began to lighten a lot.


Step 1: Draw images of soldiers, soldiers with famous 5-pointed yellow hats, everyday clothes and holding sickles in their hands – tools used to cut rice.

Step 2: To make this image easy to see, children can draw different movements of the army uncle such as: punching rice, carrying rice, carrying rice …

draw a soldier to help people reap rice

Drawing a soldier to help people reap rice – picture 1

3: Take lots of photos of farmers reaping rice

Step 4: Change the image to an image of rice fields, distant villages, mountains or trees, etc.

Step 5: Save as you like. However, note that the rice fields are ripe, so the color should be yellow, and the military uniform should be green!

draw a soldier reaping rice

Drawing a soldier to help people reap rice – picture 2

Drawing a soldier to save the people in the central region

During the flood in the Central region, the image of Uncle Ho soldiers who did not mind hardships, difficulties and dangers to try to help their compatriots to cope with storms, floods, landslides, etc., were very brave. left. .everyone’s heart. You are always a solid and reliable support for everyone in the most difficult times. Therefore, when drawing pictures on the topic of soldiers helping people, do not neglect this important topic!


Step 1: Draw an image of a soldier wearing a scarf to overcome the flood to save each box of noodles,…

easy to draw army uncle

Drawing soldiers to save people in the Central region – photo 1

Step 2: Draw far away the roofs submerged in the sea to see the severity of the disaster.

3: Adjust the image as you like. Still the familiar blue color. Particularly, life jackets can be decorated with orange color and blue border.

draw our army uncle

Drawing soldiers to save the people in the Central region – photo 2

Drawing navy

The Navy is a branch of the military that is part of the armed forces of the coastal states. Naval forces perform their main duty in sea, ocean and river warfare.

How to draw the most beautiful sea:

1: Draw the soldier’s head and hat. The sailor’s hat will be only slightly above the head. The back of the hat will have two silk bands.

draw sailor

Drawing sailor – painting 1

2: Draw the collar. Sailor collars will be large, of equal width, and striped.

3: Draw a hand holding a gun. How to draw a soldier holding a gun is very easy, especially when children have to draw from triangles, squares and squares.

Step 4: Draw the remaining parts such as legs, waist, eyes, nose, mouth, …

Step 5: Save as you like. Note that navy clothes will have 2 main colors, white and blue.

draw the most beautiful sailor

Drawing sailor – photo 2

With the above 5 steps, your child can also draw a soldier in a green outfit.

Draw a soldier to fight this plague

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic, the image of Uncle Ho did not care day and night to guard the gate, go to the market, go from house to house to supply the compatriots, soldiers were always on duty during the pandemic. disease to help.

How to draw a plague soldier:

Step 1: Draw a soldier with a familiar uniform, a yellow 5-star hat on his head, and a medical mask on his face.

How to draw a plague soldier – step 1

Step 2: Draw the hands of two soldiers carrying two bags of food, vegetables, …

How to draw a soldier fighting the epidemic – step 2

Step 3: Save as you like. Remember to decorate your uncle’s uniform with green paint!

Some of the most beautiful and simple examples of military drawings

Check out this beautiful simple picture of everyone

20 Easiest Uncle Drawing Drawings

Although considered as an object for drawing, not children, including adults, do not know how to draw easily and interestingly. So please see some examples of military footage below.

Check out my beautiful and creative dream theme designs

Back to the board soon

Example of a drawing of the head soldier

Beautiful body art

A very beautiful image of the army uncle, the soldier uncle helping people to roof the house

Dead End Day

It’s easy to imagine soldiers, soldiers helping the flood

picture of each other lop 5

Draw a picture of our 5th grade soldier marching through the forest


How to draw a picture of a 5th grade navy soldier standing by the sea

You'll have to wait and see,

Draw a soldier on patrol


Hopefully, through the article Summary of the most beautiful and meaningful pictures of army soldiers that Hocmay.vn’s Painting section has shared, you will get a picture you like.

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